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Tubing ChemFLR PTFE pk/50'

Tubing ChemFLR PTFE pk/50'

Item #: VAN/63014-900
Supplier #: 63014-900

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics TSPTFE012531
Chemfluor* Fluoropolymer Tubing Translucent PTFE resin. Fully-fluorinated with excellent chemical inertness. 1.58IDx3.17ODmm. Wall thickness: 0.79mm. Temperature range: -268 to 288[degree]C. Durometer hardness: Shore D, 58. Maximum pressure: 30bar at 23[degree]C. FDA compliant. Coil length: 15.2. Exact Match: 63014-900
Tubing PTFE Tapered 12 ga 900mm

Tubing PTFE Tapered 12 ga 900mm

Item #: TMS/0470U43
Supplier #: 0470U43

Hamilton Part No. 240360
The ML500 tubing assemblies are manufactured using thick walled FEP tubing. The thick walled tubing is desirable because it resists kinking during the rigors of the workday. The 12 gauge tubing has a larger inner diameter and should be used with syringe sizes larger than 2.5 mL or with viscous liquids. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tubing for ML500 valves with M6 threads Dispense tubing is used to connect from the valve to the hand probe Tapered at one end to minimize contamination from one sample to the next Tubes are precut to 900 mm for dispense tubing

Tubing Assembley PTFE 1.0mm

Item #: VAN/97012-692
Supplier #: 97012-692

Tubing Assembly Tubing Assembly PTFE Inner Diameter 1.0mm, Length: 1000mm, Color (screw fittings): Blue. No further information is available for this product, for AA, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, FIAS-200 and FIMS Exact Match: 97012-692

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