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Bailer 1.5" X 48" Double Weighted Poly

Bailer 1.5" X 48" Double Weighted Poly

Item #: TMS/1216Q42
Supplier #: 1216Q42

Mfg Item # : 91946-48-S
SingleSample┬« Disposable Polyethylene Bailers Eliminates field clean-up and cross-contamination Rugged, high-density polyethylene Each unit individually decontaminated with Liquinox™ washing and DI water rinse Ready-to-use Capacity approximately 1 L Friction-fit nozzle for easy, no-splash sample removal For use in all ground wells with two inches i.d. or larger. Overall length 36”; 1.5” i.d x 1.562” o.d. Packaged in individually sealed bags to maintain cleanliness during transport. Single Check Valve Bailer With sonic-welded, polyethylene retainer to hold ball when emptying bailer from top Includes slide-in, angle-cut nozzle, which facilitates sample removal Single Check Valve Weighted Bailer With polyethylene-coated weight for easier and quicker filling Also has bottom polyethylene retainer that holds bottom ball and slide-in, angle-cut nozzle for easy sample removal Double Check Valve Bailer Permits sample extraction from various well depths Similar to 8254G84, but with a second check valve that consists of a polyethylene retainer to hold top ball and a PVC ball and valve assembly with polyethylene-coated weight VOC Sample Adapter, Polyethylene Allows sample transfer to VOA vials without loss of VOC’s Provides slow sample flow for transfer to VOA vials SingleSample┬« Disposable PTFE Bailers Minimizes cross-contamination and field decontamination time All PTFE; 1/2” PTFE ball Capacity approximately 300 mL with 1 ft or 1,000 mL with 3 ft bailer Factory pre-cleaned and ready-to-use Friction-fit nozzle provides easy, no-splash sample removal For use in all ground wells with two inches i.d. or larger. Includes slide-in nozzle for general sample removal. 8254H06 VOC Sample Removal Device available for controlled removal without agitation when sampling for volatiles. Sizes given in listings. SingleSample┬« Disposable Coliwasa High-density, inert polyethylene construction allows sampling in a wide variety of applications while minimizing cross-contamination and field decontamination time Capacity 1,100 mL Each individually decontaminated with Liquinox ┬« washing and DI water rinse Special fitment/rod assembly serves as a check valve to close off column and permit easy transfer to sample bottles with minimum loss. Individually sealed packaging. Length 42”; 1.5” i.d.

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