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Alcohol, Pure, Undenatured 200 Proof 5G

Alcohol, Pure, Undenatured 200 Proof 5G

Item #: PHM/111000200PL05M
Manufacturer: Greenfield Global USA Inc.
Supplier #: 111000200PL05M
• Anhydrous Ethyl Alcohol (200 proof) • Certified ACS (American Chemcial Society) and USP (United State Pharmacopia). • Manufactured in a GMP Compliant Facility. • This product carries a Federal Excise Tax. • Pure Ethyl Alcohol for industiral use, may be purchased as tax-paid alcohol. Tax Paid Industrial Alcohol may be purchased for non beverage use without a Federal Permit or bond, by payment of the Federal Tax of $13.34 per proof gallon (PG). Please note that packaging sold in Metric Unts of Measure (e.g. 4x4 liters) must be taxed on calculations carried out to 6 decimals. USP/ACS Grade. Metal w/ Rieke Spout PROMO Freight is not included Order quantities of less than 5 will incur a minimum order fee.

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